Photo of rooftop gym and futsal

Work, Play, Repeat:
Why Every Office Needs a Rooftop Playground

The days of drab, cubicle-clad offices are behind us, my friends. Welcome to the era of MustardSeed@SG, where work and play intertwine seamlessly on a rooftop that's nothing short of a playground for professionals.

The Daily Grind Meets Grand Slam:
Ever dreamt of settling that office rivalry with a tennis match? At MustardSeed @SG, your dream becomes a reality. The rooftop boasts a tennis court that's as fierce as your backhand.

Futsal Fever:
Photo of rooftop futsal
When the day's stresses have you itching for action, head over to the futsal court. Your co-workers aren't just colleagues; they're your teammates in this epic showdown. Who knew work could be so fun?

Photo of rooftop gym
Desk jobs can do a number on your health, but MustardSeed @SG has your back (and biceps). Fully equipped rooftop gym turns office hours into power hours. Bid farewell to the sedentary slump; this is where you sculpt success – and maybe some muscles too!

Refresh, Rinse, Repeat:
After a heart-pounding game or a sweaty gym session, MustardSeed @SG has you covered with shower facilities. Say goodbye to the post-workout desk dilemma and hello to freshness.

Pedal Power:
For those eco-warriors who ride to work, there's even a bike rack. Now you can cycle to success and save the planet one pedal at a time.

In a world where work and life blend like a perfect smoothie, MustardSeed @SG is the secret ingredient that makes it all work. It's a Grade A serviced office facility that knows life is too short for dreary workplaces. So, why not work where you can play, exercise, and recharge? Your dream job just found its dream office – MustardSeed@SG!